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Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"...Their amenities go way beyond golf; there's tennis, skiing, golf, activities. There are so many things available to Quechee Lakes' residents. It's almost overwhelming!"
"We wanted to be someplace where we could get to an area where we could do things we enjoy, like golfing and skiing, that fits our lifestyle."
"It has a lot of family, low-key activities usually found in a big resort. If you want a big resort, you go to a big resort. This is different. You have the same activities with a more peaceful environment."
"The sales process was very easy to deal with. There were no secrets, no hidden costs. We knew what we were paying up front. And it was pretty affordable, considering all the amenities that are included. The bang you get for your buck here is a great deal."
"We can go over the covered bridge everyday, and go to Simon Pearce. It's close to Hanover and Dartmouth and all the things offered there. It's a special place."
"We were familiar with the area, but the real plus is that it's only 2 hours and 15 minutes door-to-door from Boston. We wanted a place we could get to quickly."
"The sales process was very smooth. They're very nice people to work with."
"We had never owned anything new before! We wanted to buy new to have the conveniences that they offered."
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